We are off to DC!

We will be headed to DC for the anniversary of Roe v Wade on the 22nd of January. Anyone interested in joining us to siege the Supreme Court please call for details and cost. We will be leaving Chicago on Saturday evening the 21st and arriving back Monday evening the 23rd. Seating is very limited, so call quickly. Finalization of the trip will be on Thursday morning the 20th, so call by Wednesday night.
773-709-9614 and talk with Jesse.

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We are back!

Sorry we’ve been down awhile. We lost the info on our site. We are back with updated sieges and new articles as they come in. Please forgive us if we have not responded to you for awhile. The year is new, the time is now for revival in our land. Let us pursue justice for the babies!

Jesus, I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. God end abortion and send revival to America.

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Freezing cold with a burning passion !

Getting ready for the siege this frigid morning. Right now it’s a balmy 12 degrees, if you don’t factor in the wind chill. Yesterday if you would have asked me if I was looking forward to going today, I would have probably said, “No way, I might not even go. ”

But this morning, I have His burning passion and compassion burning inside me. And I am believing that some how, in my silent stance, the love and compassion of the Lord would break through the icy hearts. That lives would be changed and saved, that the precious unborn will be spared.

Why the change ? Last night when I was worshiping and thinking about going today, the Lord brought the face of that dear, broken and confused girl, the one with the haunting eyes, back into my mind. And a whisper in my ear, ” For this one and in remembrance of her little one. That it would not have been lost in vain. ”

So, this morning, I will bundle up, in memory of those that have been lost, in hope that more will be saved. The sun and the Son are shinning bright. Join me if you dare. See how warm you can be on the inside as you do what Jesus is doing. See you there !

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A Good Day !

When we first arrived for the siege my heart sank, I saw that the tarp was back up all along the fence of the parking lot. This prevents those going into the clinic from the parking lot from seeing us as we stand out side and pray.

The Lord quickly showed me the up side to this, our presence was indeed making an impact. Why else would they want to keep our presence from being known.

The compassion and passion in our eyes as we stand for hours, mouths covered, in pouring rain, scorching sun, bitter cold and on beautiful, perfect days like today, when we could be doing so many other things, IS indeed making a difference.

My heart lifted even further as I saw that the lot was almost empty this morning and very few were coming and going. We even had a group of pro-abortion ladies standing across the street with signs wanting people to honk if they were in agreement with them.

How nice of them to let people know what is really going on there. The majority that pass have no idea. Who would guess that the sign that reads, “Family Planning” ,  really means putting an end to families. Too bad they were only there about an though. I wanted to share my gratitude and the love of the Lord with them when we finished.

My heart was lifted to overjoyed as we learned that, even with so few in the clinic, there were two babies saved from death. It was a good day !

Thank You Lord ! I lift those babies up to You, their mothers, their fathers and all those who will be involved during these forming months of their lives. May they know Your love, Your peace, Your grace, Your mercy, Your power, Your provision, Your purpose and Your plan in and for them. May they walk with You.

I pray for the pro-abortionist that were there today, that our presence made a difference in their lives as well. I pray that You would extend Your mercy to them even as You did to me. That they would know the truth and be set free. Amen.

Thank You Lord.


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Three weeks since our last siege and I am still haunted by the face of the young lady as she drove away after the death of her child. Her stare pierces my heart as I can see the anguish in hers as she realizes the truth of what she has just done.

She looks at me, her eyes screaming out, “O my God, what have I just done ! Help me ! Turn back the hands of time so I can do things different.”

I can not control the tears, not even now, as I cry out to the Lord of mercy, the God that is outside of time and I plead with my Lord and savior to have mercy upon us. To do what only He can do !

Yes Lord, turn back the hands of time. Save these precious ones that they may fulfill the destiny that You created them for. I praise Him for the haunting of those eyes that I may continue to lift her up and continue to cry out for those that there is still time for, for those that can still be saved, for those of us that know the truth to raise up, wake up, stand up and reach out, cry out, fall on our knees and cry out for mercy, for revelation, for truth before it’s too late, for mercy afterward, for love to overflow. Yes, for His perfect love to cast out all fear, that we as believers would stand in the gap, that those who are afraid, who think they have no other choice, to know the truth and be set free.

I pray that the clinic would be surrounded every day that there are those there with choices to make. I pray that we would be so many that the truth could not be denied. Lord have mercy upon us and may we all be haunted by the cry’s of the unborn. Break our hearts for the things that breaks Yours. Amen

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No Trespassing by John Bailey

“NO TRESPASSING” is the sign boldly displayed on the gate in front of me not eight inches from my face. I’m standing in front of an abortion (death camp) clinic on Chicago’s north side. As I face this iron gate Jesus’ words come to my heart, “and the gates of hell will not prevail..” “Oh God”, I cry out in my spirit, “How long Lord? How long until you send justice for our babies?”  I cannot cry out loud because of this tape over my mouth. ‘Why am I doing this?’ I ask myself. ‘Do I really think I can make a difference standing here in silence before God and man?’ My mind is doubting all I believe in my heart. My body is revolting against my decision to stand here. It’s hot, I’m tired of this. “Oh God, how long?”

I can hear the cars on busy Western ave. right behind me.  Some shout obscenities and even throw things. Others drive by with a honk of support or yell “praise God”. Is this some kind of show here? How do we just continue to live our lives, seeking our own way to happiness and freedom while babies are being murdered at the rate of one every twenty seconds in our land? I recall seeing pro lifers as I have traveled by and I to would show my support by honking or yelling some encouraging word. Now however, it does not seem too encouraging.  Where is the moral outcry from the church? Why have we not just stopped what we are doing and stand for justice until we change this tragedy? How can a people value life so low as to rank it below personal comfort and convenience?

The parking lot for this place is almost full of vehicles. Some cars have people sitting inside them waiting for a woman to emerge from the death house. I can sense the pain and sorrow as they emerge slowly and unsteady to the waiting vehicle. My heart aches. “Oh Lord, is this your heart I feel?” Do they not know? As I stand here so many emotions move through me.  I stand and pray for God to convince my heart that this can make a difference.  I live in an instant gratification society and there seems to be
no chance of that in this endeavor.

Praying, praying, and praying, yet the iron gate is still keeping me away. I feel like they are inside the gate just doing what they please and the law has allowed this to be so. I’m so close yet I cannot cross the line. Just as these thoughts are in my head, I see on the other side of the gate in the decorative landscape rocks a small black object. It is a plastic cross, just laying on the property. Suddenly I’m assured by Jesus that although I cannot cross the line, He can.  I might not get in, but they cannot stop Him.  Jesus is on that side of the gate working in the hearts of mankind. I stand tall and honored to be here today.  I stand and offer prayers to heaven for these babies dying in this battle for the hearts of humanity.  Jesus is inside and I know He will prevail. What can wash away this sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus!

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SENTENCED2LIFE by Matt (Chef) Warren

God, I pray for this nation to repent for the murder of over 51 million babies since 1973.
Jesus, I pray that you would show them the evil of their ways.
How can killing a baby be justified?
How can Christians justify the shedding of innocent blood?
God, I am asking you to awaken the church!
God, I pray for the church to repent and get involved!
God, I am asking that you raise up armies who will stand for this cause.
God, raise up armies of intercessors across America.
God, raise up a people who will declare:

We are not our own, but belong to Him who sits on the throne high above this world.
We are prisoners for Christ. We will live a life of prayer and fasting.
We will stand on the Wall. We will siege the cities.
We will stand for the unborn. We will see the decree reversed.
We will pray for purity. We will pray for our government.
We will pray day and night. We will pray for Justice.

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